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Restrictions on Using Our Online Content

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Sending Your Own Content to This Website

You agree that all those observations, suggestions, ideas, graphics, observations, referrals, email addresses or any other information that you send us through our website, except for the information that we promise to protect under our privacy policy, will become our property, even in the event that this agreement expires in the future.

This means that we will not have the obligation to treat any shipment of material as confidential. You decline any right to complain about our use of the ideas you may have sent to us. The use of these ideas, or similar ones, will not obligate us, in any way, to the payment of any amount, neither to you nor to third parties. For the simple fact of having sent us any information, you give us the full property rights, in exclusivity, present and future, about them, whatever their type. We can use them for any purpose that we consider appropriate, without the need of any financial compensation, neither to you nor to third parties, for that reason.

You acknowledge being responsible for any shipments you make. This means that you, and not us, will be solely responsible for the content of these messages, which includes, among others, its legality, reliability, correctness, originality and the copying rights thereof.

Limitations of Liability

This website declines all responsibility for damages or injuries resulting from your use of any page of our website.

This includes, expressly or implicitly, damages or injuries caused by:

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Keep in mind that we are not responsible for any damages, including:

  1. Damages caused with the intention of compensating someone for a loss or injury
  2. Damages that may reasonably result from a loss or injury (consequential damages)
  3. Other type of damages or expenses that are derived directly from a loss or injury (fortuitous damages)

We decline any liability, even in the case of negligence on our part, or if any of our official agents knew the possibility that such damages could occur, or both.

Exceptions:  Some laws may prohibit limitation or exclusion of liability for such consequential or incidental damages. If you live somewhere where these laws are in force, obviously, that limitation does not exist; therefore, you would have the right to receive compensation in case of suffering any of those damages.

However, our responsibility, in any case, for any loss, damage, injury and claims of any kind, whether they are claimed under the terms of a contract, as a result of negligence or other incorrect conduct, or under any other legal basis, You can not exceed the amount that you have paid, in your case, to obtain access to our website.

Links to other websites—It is possible that, on our website, we make recommendations and / or include links to other websites. This link should not be understood as a subscription, approval or agreement with the information or resources that are offered on these pages.

In case of doubt, check the URL (address of the web page) that appears in your browser, to know if you are on a page within this website, or if on the contrary, you are inside any other website. This website is not responsible for the content included, or the procedures used, on the websites of third parties that have a link from this website.

The Spanish 2tor course of 11 days to study your guide is free and the tool that is used is through a link which is not mandatory subscription. They are purely optional.

The fact that this website includes links to other websites, should not be understood as that this website is connected, manages or controls these websites.

Any link does not represent, in any case, neither explicitly nor implicitly, the approval, endorsement or support of any website of this website, nor the approval, endorsement or support of this website, including its respective employees, representatives or managers.

 Payments, Cancellation and Reemployment—Spanish2tor gives you 11 days of guaranteed satisfaction from the first payment you made. If in the first 11 days of having made your first payment as a student you are not 100% satisfied, you simply send us a message to support to request your refund.

To communicate with support, simply send a message to [email protected] of cancellation or any question you need to clarify. They answer you in 24-72 hours.

All prices shown on our pages are in US Dollars.

Refund Guarantee For Purchased Courses—The refund guarantee applies for 11 days. The guarantee that we offer you is that you will be 100% satisfied or your money will be returned, with no questions asked. To request a refund, you should check that the techniques did not work for you, we will gladly refund your money.

For this guarantee to be effective, you must have applied the techniques of the same course consistently for 11 days and be able to show evidence that you have implemented it without any results.

To request a refund, you must send screenshots showing all the assigned tasks of your teacher. When you verify that the techniques did not work for you, we will gladly refund your money.

By participating in this program, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

For all medical Spanish courses and students

You will be asked for some materials made especially for you. (Videos, information about your specialty in medicine, etc.)

As these courses are CUSTOMIZED, it can not be carried out without the assigned materials. We will need 100% of your COLLABORATION AND RESPONSIBILITY to deliver them in TIME and FORM. Otherwise, you will accept the possible delay of your service.

You have an 11-day warranty before asking for a refund assuming you did not schedule any appointments with your teacher.

If the person requests a refund before 11 days and can not prove that they have consistently followed these rules for 11 days, their refund will not be given.

All prices shown on our pages are in US Dollars.

Termination of this contract—This contract will be effective until its termination by any of the parties. You may terminate this agreement at any time by destroying any material downloaded from this website, including any associated documentation and all copies and installations. This website may terminate this agreement at any time, without prior notice, in the event that, in its own judgment, you have violated any of the conditions of the same.

After termination, you must destroy any material referred to in this contract. On the other hand, the publication of content on our website does not imply, in any way, that such content will be available in the future. Also, this website reserves the right to delete, without prior notice, part or all of its website.

Training for Affiliates—All active affiliates have access to the weekly Q & A with Lissette Ortega. If you can not find the answer to your questions at [email protected], help or support email, you can participate in private trainings for members where Lissette Ortega answers all the questions you have each week. Carrying out this methodology, should not spend more than a week in solving your problem.

If you have a problem with any tool, our Support team can only help you with problems regarding the 11-day Spanish2tor platform.

Post messages—You agree to receive emails from Spanish 2tor. At any time you can choose to unsubscribe to not receive more messages from us.

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